COVID Measures

In order to minimise any risk, all incoming stock is stored for 48 hours, then thoroughly steamed. Once it has been photographed it is stored again until sold and posted. There will always be a minimum of 72 hours between each handling stage of the process.

A bit more about The Rutland Closet

At the Rutland Closet we’re on a bit of a mission.  We want more people to appreciate the benefits (and the fun) of shopping for pre-loved style and in so doing reduce the number of items going to waste.

Many dress agencies are focussed on high-end brands and labels and we’re happy to sell that type of clothing but really, we’re primarily interested in value for money and style.  On that basis we’re happy to take high-street and handmade if it fits the bill.

By being online we extend the market for our stock – as far as our marketing will reach.  We have an Instagram presence which has potential followers all over the country. However, we know that you cannot try things on virtually so we endeavor to make shopping as easy as possible by providing relevant measurements for each item so that you can check before you buy.

Buying an item from our website supports sustainability, puts money directly back into local pockets and provides stylish value for money.  We believe it is possible to look good and shop with a conscience.

How To Sell


Upon receipt, items are sorted by condition and quality.  Please see our ‘What we’re looking for’ section just below. Any items which are not of the required condition or quality necessary for sale in a main listing may be returned or given to charity – as agreed with the seller.

Prior to listings going live, you will be sent an inventory of all your stock indicating the selling price, the seller’s takings from each item, and any items which aren’t listed and the reason for rejection.


Items are photographed and listed at the full price for 6 weeks.

If an item sells, the Rutland Closet takes 60% of the value, with the remaining 40% going to the seller.

If not sold within that period, the item price can be reduced or they can be returned or given to charity – as agreed.

Get in touch now.


Sellers can receive their earnings by bank transfer after receipt of payment from the buyer or they can be held on account and paid quarterly or every six months.


Are you looking for something specific?  Maybe you love a particular brand or you need something for an event.

Give me the details and I’ll send you information about any items which meet your spec. 

I can also contact my network of sellers to see if they have anything which fits the bill.  If you buy the items I will charge a sourcing fee of £4 on top of the listing price.


Grab a bargain before it goes – register your information (dress size, shoe size, figure points) with me and I’ll send you the details of all new stock which falls within your size range.


If you have purchased something which needs altering I can put you in touch with the right person.


Do you have unused spectacles sitting in a drawer? If they are stylish or designer frames I can sell them for you. 

I own several pairs of designer spectacles which I’ve had re-glazed in my prescription at a fraction of high street opticians prices!

What We’re Looking For

All items will be considered providing they’re in a freshly laundered or dry cleaned condition and with minimal signs of wear. We also include hand made items within our stock providing they’re made to a professional standard.

Stylish items that are in good condition should sell but some brands are particularly popular including: