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Welcome to The Rutland Closet

When you buy something from The Rutland Closet you’re not just finding a bargain – you’re supporting sustainability, a local business and local people.

I’m Annie, I’m based in Uppingham and I’ve been buying second-hand for years, with about 80% of my wardrobe made up of not-brand-new garments and accessories. 

It allows me to have interesting, stylish clothes at prices which suit my budget.

I’ve also sold clothes through dress agencies for many years.  It’s an effective way to make a bit of extra spending money and is quickly becoming a great way to make fashion less environmentally damaging.

The UK sends approximately 11 million items of clothing to landfill every week and its estimated that around 80% of those items are still wearable. I think we can do better and look great at the same time!

Still not convinced?  Check out the Outfits just below to see what can be achieved.

Happy Shopping!

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Sustainability and Social Responsibility Pledge

By recycling fashion from the local community we’re off to a good start, but there are other things we can do to make our business more sustainable.

We aim to use packaging which is recycled wherever possible.  At the very least, we choose packaging made from recyclable materials.

Our marketing materials are printed on recycled products and where possible, we don’t print them out at all – instead we use technology to display our messaging.

We offer collection and local drop off services to reduce the need for packaging as far as possible. 

Unused and rejected items are donated to The Rutland Clothing Bank, which is a local charity supporting Rutland residents in need.

Finally – we practice what we preach – I wear pre-loved fashion everyday and I’m proud to say so.